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Elegance at first sight

The reception area is the calling card of every building. Wardrobe, umbrella stand, furniture - an elegant, well-matched equipment with fitting accessories instantly makes visitors and guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Hall Accessories - Reception Furniture - Hermann Künneke GmbH


Much more than just a coat rack

For keeping clothes there are numerous possibilities in both design and material, such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and polyamide. Our wardrobes range from mobile coat rack to stationary wall-mounted systems. Depending on the preferences, the right model, in combination with functional accessories, will provide either harmony or contrast to the room, presenting any reception area in the most elegant light. Durable and low-maintenance, these systems can handle, or cause, even the greatest rush.

Talk to us - we will be happy to advise you on the versatile possibilities and finding the perfect equipment for your reception area.

Hall Accessories - Wardrobe - Hermann Künneke GmbH
Hall Accessories - Wardrobe - Hermann Künneke GmbH

further accessories

  1. Umbrella Stands
  2. Reception Furniture
  3. Bins
  4. Ashtrays
  5. Partition Walls
Hall Accessories - Bins - Hermann Künneke GmbH